Autonomous features are super cool to read about. AIs like Siri and Alexa have become our daily companions . They make our life easier with the numerous features they offer.However this is not exactly autonomous intelligence.The correct term for this would be "human supervised intelligence".This blog will take you through the definition and the pros and cons of having such algorithms in our daily lives.

What is autonomous intelligence ?

Autonomous intelligence is one of the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence which acts independent of human supervision. They tend to make any process entirely automated to generate decision making capability for machines, bots and systems. Autonomous intelligence is something you would see in a science fiction movie such as iRobot or terminator (scary huh?)

So how does autonomous intelligence work?

To help you understand how autonomous intelligence works, it would be ideal to compare it to a child gowing . From the day a child is born, they are taught who their parents are, how to walk, how to speak all the way up to how to find the integral of x (God we hate math).All this while they are also taught how to apply what they learn into daily life.

The same function applies in the case of machines too. Here humans are teaching the machine and then later training it to do the work. With the help of big data analysis and edge computing we are able to improve the responses thereby giving us much better results. This helps in the set up of an algorithm and once it is dispatched it would restlessly do more work and be much more efficient than humans

Why will autonomous vehicles cause less deaths than human controlled vehicles?

Big Sur

The algorithm in an autonomous vehicle is trained in such a way that it drives according to the road conditions and the users mood. As a result of which many companies are trying to collect data while you cruise around in order to better train their future autonomous vehicles. This will make the algorithm stronger and aware of the conditions in the future. In theory it would take another 5 to 10 years to safely deploy a full version of autonomous travel. Humans still don’t fully trust autonomous vehicles. Autonomous travel is not just limited to roads, it can be used at sea and air as well. Autonomy in vehicles would help reduce the deaths caused by accidents due to human negligence. I predict a future where autonomous fleets of taxis, UAVs for dispatching delivery etc would be a normal part of life.

How autonomous intelligence will be useful to humans?

Autonomous intelligence will be smarter than humans. It can improve existing technology and implement new technologies in a fraction of the time humans take. If humans combine with autonomous technologies, things we considered fictional would become a reality. Industries will grow more advanced and can work without human supervision. Education would take a leap forward and our future generations would be much smarter. Commutation would become much easier, faster and safer.Human could potentially extend their life spans as the medical sector would find a way to recreate and replace defective body parts provided the technology to do so exists. Agriculture would flourish as the big data would find a solution for multiple problems.

Can AI outsmart the human race ?

"The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. It could take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever increasing rate” Stephen Hawking

Humans are limited by slow biological evolution and would thereby be unable to compete with AI which could potentially result in us being superseded. What makes us human is our ability to think, study from our experiences and then deploy what we learn when needed. But most importantly what makes us human is our ability to express emotion. In May 2017 google announced the AutoML project, which is basically an AI that can create other AI’s which are more efficient than AIs developed by humans.

So does this mean AI can finally take over humans?

With the current existing technology AIs have not reached the so-called “Skynet” from terminator level of autonomy which makes it impossible for it to destroy the human race and keep humans under its control .However in the near future if robots prove to be super intelligent and decide to overthrow the human race by developing more manufacturing facilities for machines, it could mean the end of the human race.

However we don’t really have to fear because eventually humans will also evolve with much better technologies to prevent this from happening. With the development of cybernetic implants , humans will take another leap in evolution wherein we combine the human mind with the power of AI thereby creating a cyborg (Oh no! we did take the terminator route)

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